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And Soon We Will Be A Party of 5

We had our fall family pictures taken this month and we decided to tell the kids that there is a baby on the way. We all got dressed up and drove to our location with a sign saying "sometimes families have 5 people in them." It is something Finn had said to Keaton and I randomly (followed by "Can I marry two people at the same time?" ha!). I think he started to suspect that maybe there is something going on where we might be adding someone to our family in the future.

As Finn was holding the sign and our photographer was taking the pictures we said "guess what we're having another baby." Finn's reaction was the best thing ever! He said "What?!" with a big smile on his face and Sawyer, bless his heart looked so disappointed. We asked him if he was excited and he said "I like dogs, not babies." When we got home, Finn asked so many questions about the baby. How does the baby come out of my tummy? Can the baby hear and when he'…

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